Gourmet Specialty Mushrooms Grown in Las Vegas, Nevada!
Moving to Las Vegas in 2019, we discovered our love for fresh specialty gourmet mushrooms is unfulfilled with local mushroom growers are far and few between.  We decided to grow our own gourmet mushrooms.

Our gourmet mushrooms were initially grown to serve our own family and friends, but with high interests and word of mouth, we began sharing our harvests with our community.

And now you can also enjoy fresh delicious specialty mushrooms with us.  We use organic natural ingredients as our substrate, essentially the soil for the mushrooms.  Our substrate is prepared in small batches to ensure high quality.

Once our substrate is painstakingly prepared and nurtured, the growing begins.  Our semi-automated greenhouse self-regulates its humidity, airflow intake and daylight-simulations.  This helps produce consistent and healthy harvests.

As a boutique mushroom urban farm operated by a disabled Marines veteran and a minority woman in Las Vegas, we strive to serve and educate our community in the joy of gourmet specialty mushrooms.  We hope you will love mushrooms as much as we do!

~ Las Vegas Mushrooms ~
Our Team
Aaron Pursell
Aaron Pursell
Grows the Mushrooms
Sharon Cheung
Sharon Cheung
Sells the Mushrooms